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Relationship Helpers

Sep 25, 2017

Vincent & Laura discuss some of the signs that your marriage may be in trouble.  Marriage is difficult.  Successful, romantic marriage takes a lot of hard work.  Vincent & Laura talk about some the attitudes and bad behaviors that undermine a healthy relationship.  You will learn what you need to work on in your...

Sep 18, 2017

Traci Lester, author of the book "How to Talk About The Birds and the Bees Without the Butterflies", discusses talking to your kids about sex.  She talks about the importance of the discussion, and how you as a parent should be the expert in your child's mind.

Sep 11, 2017

Vincent and Laura discuss how in today's culture, women often feel that they must entertain those who come to visit, even when they are in need of an extra set of hands.  Laura explains how not being direct can actually frustrate the people wanting to give help.  She gives examples of ways to communicate directly...